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  • Full-service financial experience

    Full-service financial experience

  • Direct access to high DeFi yields

    Direct access to high DeFi yields

  • 10% of revenue to charity

    10% of revenue to charity

  • Up to 3% crypto cashback

    Up to 3% crypto cashback

Your future-proof bank replacement.Your future-proof bank replacement.

Your future-proof bank replacement.Your future-proof bank replacement.

How do you make money in DeFi? Just like traditional banks deliver interest payments by lending out your dollars, you can earn interest by lending out your money in cryptocurrency exchange markets called DeFi (short for decentralized finance).


From Traditional Banks...

These banks use your savings to provide funds for things like mortgages, and pay you a small portion of the interest they generate from those loans. Old technology and bloated systems mean you earn mere pennies.


To DeFi...

DeFi runs on the same blockchain technologies that enable crypto and NFTs—secure, public, and efficient ways to create and store data. Fewer middlemen and better technology mean higher returns, directly in your pocket.


And Your Future

Until now, you had to be a “crypto-native” with lots of tech knowledge and time to access the high yields of DeFi. We've changed that: all you have to do is download our app, and you can put your money to work with just a few taps.


Life is better
with more

Hightop gives you direct access to the best yields of decentralized finance (DeFi). Choose your own path, and start earning yields.


Where money
meets purpose

We donate 10% of our revenue to world-changing causes you choose. Have a cause you care about? We'd love to hear more.


A complete bank

Our Cash Account is built for your daily life. Buy lunch, pay rent, deposit your paycheck, and earn rewards—your Hightop Cash Account can do it all.


Generous rewards
for healthy habits

Earn up to 3% crypto cashback with every swipe of your Hightop card. Plus, earn rewards for saving, giving, and learning.


What people are saying

App Store

Great app and UX, looking forward to the advancements this brings to crypto.

Michael Kantor
June 2020

The app is the future of banking.

Devan Perona
May 2021

This app lets the everyday user access crypto and DeFi protocols.

February 2021

All I can say is WOW.

Polina M
June 2021

This is the beginning of the end for traditional banking.

April 2021

Can't beat the yield I'm getting.

August 2021

A new way to bank! I can instantly earn a high yield on my deposits.

Glen Parse
January 2022

This will blow your minds!

Ire Akinrimisi
August 2021

Amazing app that helps me store my crypto currencies.

Arnaud J.
November 2020

We believe.We believe.We believe.We believe.We believe.We believe.

We believe.We believe.We believe.We believe.We believe.We believe.

financial freedom is a right, not a privilege.

in putting purpose before profit.

in rewarding healthy financial choices.

DeFi is the next great financial equalizer.

you can fall in love with DeFi.

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